Therapy & Service Dogs

Therapeutic Traits of Dog-Human Bond

The addition of dogs in therapy has been present for many years, where in the beginning, dogs were included in psychotherapeutic settings to help improve patients’ socialization skills. However, over the last decades dog assisted therapy has evolved within the therapeutic framework, formulating an important entity in therapy.

Specifically, dog assisted therapy increases motivation, encourages participation in therapy, promotes patient- therapist trust, improves focus of attention in specific tasks, fosters the will for positive change, reduces stress and anxiety, improves socialization, social awareness and communication.

Why are Australian Cobberdogs ideal as therapy and service dogs?

All dogs have healing traits, but they can’t all be trained for therapy or service. Why? Training is all about personality, therefore the dog needs to possess by default some character traits such as, be social, calm, patient, tolerant, genuinely affectionate to people, capable of cooperating and eager for learning.

The Australian Cobberdogs not only own the above traits, but add additional characteristics, as they are the only dogs made especially for therapy and service:

  • They are strong and energetic, without nervousness, thus motivated for learning.
  • Loves humans and are very eager to please them, as they grasp human emotions.
  • They are intelligent, as they are very easy to be taught new commands.
  • They are very calm and tolerant with no aggression and are friendly even with a sharper touch, which is ideal for working with conditions such as autism spectrum.
  • They are hypoallergenic and do not shed, which make them even more ideal as they can enter facilities without the fear of allergies, while maintaining the space clean from hair.

What is a therapy dog?

A specially trained dog in dog assisted therapy and intervention techniques that provides assisted therapy to people in treatment units such as hospitals, nursing homes, special schools, speech and occupational therapy centers, rehabilitation centers, psychotherapeutic units, and schools. A therapy dog goes everywhere with its specially trained handler to provide therapy sessions.

What is a therapy dog handler?

A therapy dog handler is an individual specialized in handling a trained therapy dog. This individual could be a dog training professional specialized in therapy dogs, a health or mental health professional specialized in handling therapy dogs, an individual or organization who provide voluntary visits in treatment units or schools, who are specialized in handling therapy dogs.

What is a service dog?

A service dog is a working dog that has been trained to perform curtain tasks that assist people with specific disabilities/difficulties. The dog is trained to meet the needs of a specific individual on his/her certain difficulty in everyday routines and activities. Therefore, the dog is an active unit inside the family by participating in its program and routines, providing extra benefits by improving the family’s dynamic.

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